All Part of the Team

There are at least five members of the Committee as set out by our Constitution, but usually we have several more. Each role is explored in more depth below. As much as it is the driving force behind the Society, the Committee is a fantastic place to form close friendships with a diverse bunch from all over the university - we often spend as much time together outside meetings as in them! At our weekly meeting we plan events, invite speakers, discuss ideas and distribute tasks, but it's not nearly as dry as it sounds.

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The President sets the course of the Society and acts as its leader. As the embodiment of the Society, the President represents CUEUS to everyone from our members and the University to the general public and our external partners. In addition to leadership, this role involves supporting an enjoyable and productive atmosphere in the Committee.

Vice-President (Internal)

The Vice-President (Internal) manages the events and initiatives of the Society. This involves working with other national and political societies around Cambridge, coordinating the work of the Committee with regard to events and to member engagement, and opening the door to those who wish to get on board with our projects.

Vice-President (External)

The Vice-President (External) cooperates with the Young European Movement (YEM) and the Young European Federalists (Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes, JEF), and takes an active role in The European Society UK (TESUK) at national level as well as promoting further cooperation between CUEUS and its partner societies and groups around the UK through this network.


The Secretary presides over administration and organisation within the Society. Management of agendas, minutes and internal online resources - and the publication of all the above - come with this role, ensuring that information is smoothly transmitted between Committee members. The secretary is also responsible for weekly communications with our membership through our newsletter.

Senior Treasurer

The Senior Treasurer oversees the Society accounts and finances. This role is usually performed by a member who is not an undergraduate. The Senior Treasurer is also tasked with advising the Committee on how to develop, cooperating with the Junior Treasurer to ensure its activities are legitimate and accountable.

Junior Treasurer

The Junior Treasurer manages the day-to-day finances of the Society and sources its funding. The role entails budgeting of events and publicity campaigns as well as the accounting thereof. The financial transparency of the Society relies on the work of the Junior Treasurer. Further, the Treasurer is charged with finding, negotiating for and obtaining sponsorship for the society.

Creative Officer

The Communications Officer publicises events within the University and manages the Society online. This involves designing posters and leaflets, working with the website, using CUEUS social media accounts, and fulfilling the creative needs of the Society. In addition, the role can involve design and production of merchandise.

Speakers Officer

The Speakers Officer is tasked with - you guessed it - finding speakers for each of our events. A creative role, one can get in touch with anybody suitable, converse with them, then finally get to meet them when they arrive!

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary deals with the social events of the Society and the planning of exclusive events for members. These can be anything from members' formals and pub events with students from across the globe to student engagement and networking evenings with a social streak. The great variety of this post implies collaboration with the national societies around the University too.

Outreach Officer

The Outreach Officer has a broad role which involves engagement with those who lie beyond the University itself as much as it does with the students. Practically, this can be the implementation of CUEUS initiatives during such times as general elections or referenda, it may include drawing up of European talks for schools, and it also includes getting the public involved in the discussion on Europe.

Graduate Officer

The Graduate Officer works with postgrads at Cambridge and maintains links with our growing network of graduate members.