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Susi Navara


I do second year HSPS, Archaeology and Biological Anthropology at Homerton. Originally, I am from Austria, though I have always considered myself to be primarily European. It amazes me that countries that have been at war for most of history now coexist and cooperate peacefully; being able to cross a border without showing my passport is a miracle and having the right to make my home in another country a privilege. The European Society is the place to discuss the future of this continent, to think about the challenges we face and to meet lovely people who are interested in the same questions.


Matteo Mirolo


I study HSPS at Fitzwilliam. Born of a French mother and an Italian father, I spent my childhood in France. I have always been passionate this great project that dozens dreamt of, thousands realised, and millions enjoy today. I admire its success in maintaining peace, cohesion and togetherness on our continent. However, I regret the many misunderstandings about the EU that have led people to be sceptical, and that this threatens such promising political and economic integration. The best solution to these recent years of economic and social turmoil is unity and a democratic platform of debate - this is exactly what CUEUS strives to achieve!


Davide Martino


I have been a History Undergraduate at St John’s for the past two years; before Cambridge, I used to live in Brussels, and before that in Milan. Thus, my life has been shaped by the EU, with its intangible achievements such as freedom of circulation or cheap roaming rates, but also with the very physical presence of its institutions in Brussels. I see the European Society as a way to share this passion for our continent, its present unity, and its future destiny – and as a way to engage in enriching discussions with people of different opinions!


Damiano Sogaro


Currently, I am a second year law undergraduate student at Fitzwilliam College. The importance to me of the EU is a personal one, having lived first on the continent, only later coming to England. Throughout my academic life I have spoken for and against the EU, and I have always believed that discussion is an important aspect of solving any contentious issue. My decision to take part in the European Society was based on the genuine desire to take part in this wider debate that has relevance to everyone, both in an academic and a practical manner.


Dr Julie Smith


I am Director of the European Centre at POLIS and specialise in European Politics and the History of the European Union. I am a Fellow of Robinson College and have been Senior Treasurer of the Society since 2012. My role has been largely to advise the Committee on how to develop, working with the Junior Treasurer to ensure its activities remain above board. I have also been a City Councillor for Newnham ward in Cambridge since 2003 and a long-term active member of the Liberal Democrats.


Chris Powers


I am a third year studying History at Sidney Sussex College. I am a native Brit and became interested in the European project because of its role in helping to bring about peace. I have been engaged with the work of the European Society throughout my time at Cambridge and in doing so I have been able to make friends with lots of interesting and varied people. Because the group is affiliated with a much larger organisation (the Young European Movement), I’ve been able to go on really cheap holidays to Greece, Spain, France, Italy and Sweden to chat with other Europhiles!


Ben Taylor


I’m a second year undergraduate studying Engineering at Homerton, here to add a more technical flavour to proceedings! To me, the EU is a vital project for world peace and prosperity. From funding local ventures to promoting democracy across the globe, from landing on comets to driving forward sustainable energy, Europe’s work is incredible in improving the lives of countless millions on a daily basis. The European Society is, then, a great way for me to showcase the feats of the EU and to help British people like myself to feel welcome in this international family.