Why Join?

CUEUS membership can be purchased via the buttons below - simply click the option you'd like and follow the steps! You can become a member at our events: you give us a filled-out form (we provide the empty one, of course!), and we'll give you your membership. Alternatively, fill out this form - CUEUS Membership Form -and send it with payment to James Bowler, Gonville and Caius College by hand or via the free CUSU mail system available at every Porters' Lodge; drop us a confirmation email too at cueus@yem.org.uk.

Not only does becoming a member of CUEUS have benefits in its own right, but this in turn brings membership of YEM and JEF! See below for the perks of all three.


Special Events

Don't want to miss out on our members-only events? Both membership options guarantee that you won't miss a trick.

AGM Invitation

Be invited to our Annual General Meeting with both membership options, where you can have your say in shaping the future of the Society. Run for a committee position or vote for your favourite candidates.


Receive automatic membership of YEM and JEF for 1 year with CUEUS 1 year membership, or 3 years with CUEUS life membership.

Future Exchanges

Travel abroad to visit our future partner societies on the continent.


YEM Events

Be invited to all national YEM UK and European Movement events.

Attend a whole host of regular socials and cultural events. Past events have included European quizzes, film screenings, dinners and travelling.

Meet Friends

Meet students from other universities at regular events around the UK.

Befriend like-minded people interested in all things European - whether it's Politics, History, Law, European Culture or Science that's for you, you’re bound to meet someone who's done Erasmus, studies a language, or simply enjoys a good debate on a variety of European and international issues!

Enjoy Europe

Receive subsidised travel and accommodation for international events.

Skills and CVs

Train in new CV-building skills such as lobbying, PR, communications and public speaking.

Network with young professionals such as political researchers, journalists and lobbyists.

National Influence

Be part of the debate on the EU, national and European politics, offering you the opportunity to learn more about how the EU works, as well as contributing to a more balanced debate on the subject.

Have the opportunity to make your voice heard at Westminster.


JEF Participation

Participate in our sister organisations when you live in another country.

Meet students from across Europe at high profile events.

Attend international seminars throughout Europe, sometimes with financial support.

Discuss European and international politics without being pinned down to party ideology.

Negotiate resolutions with fellow members to voice the opinion of the organisation.

Travel Europe

Experience the reality of the Union by crossing borders to do all the activities throughout Europe - all with up to 70% travel reimbursement.

Join Adopt-a-JEFer, a couch-surfing group for JEF members and a forum for general friendly chat. (www.facebook.com/groups/153628418027450)

European Campaigns

Build bridges between Europe and its citizens, raising awareness of the need for a strong, democratic Europe.

Publish articles in our famous online magazine, TNF (www.thenewfederalist.eu), to reach out to the public.

Work Experience

Have the opportunity to work on pan-European publications and committees.

International Influence

Sway EU decision-making and public opinion via lobbying and press coverage.

Make your voice heard in Brussels.


1 Year - £10

Includes 1 year membership of CUEUS, YEM and JEF.

Life - £20

Includes life membership of CUEUS, and 3 years in YEM and JEF.